Quality Assurance

We provide our customers with high-quality products by promoting the items described below to popularize the concept of "Customer-Oriented" and "Improvement of Production Quality," based on the following managerial visions:
"Retain the original technology to aim at being Development-focused Company- which provides the world with own brand products."
"Provides the satisfactory products to customers."

[Quality Assurance Activities with the Top Management Participation]

  1. Product planning based on the customer needs.
  2. Discussion concerning the validity of development concept, preproduction units, and mass production sample units.
  3. Approval of products and management of the product circulation at an early stage.
  4. Company-wide quality control towards the feedback from customers.
  5. Maintaining the quality management system by implementing the internal quality audit.
  6. Development of the business direction and activation of the interoffice morale.

[Activities operated primary in the Quality Assurance & Service Devision]

  1. Experiments and review of production manufacturing.
  2. Improvement of the quality of products to be shipped by understanding the quality of manufacturing.
  3. Collect the market information and respond to the requirements by linking up with customers, Customer Engineers Dept, and the Sales & Marketing Dept.

[Formulation and the maintenance of the quality system, ISO9000s]

We have been certified according to ISO 9000s in January, 1999 by formulating our own quality system to determine the production and sales structure based on the ISO9000s, which is recognized as the International Standard on quality assurance and quality management.
We have been maintaining the quality system by implementing the internal audit and taking maintenance examination regularly, and then completed the upgrade examination in January, 2002 as shifting our quality system to the corresponding system of the revision of year 2000.
We will expand our quality assurance activity to improve the customer satisfaction based on the quality management system.

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