Environmental Policy

Environmental preservation activities

The company is concerned about preservation of the environment. Therefore Mimaki has taken steps to employ measures, among them environmental management that aim towards sustainable symbiosis. It is from this resolve that Mimaki has been certified as according with the International Standard ISO 14001 in January 2009.

By implementing an environmental management system, Mimaki has been deciding upon its environmental policy and organizational system. All activities taken and to be taken are aimed at decreasing environmental footprints to their maximum. These proceedings have been verified and will be continued and improved in future.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Principle

Mimaki Engineering’s environmental ideas recognize the fact that terrestrial resources are limited and that as a supplier and manufacturer with its service of computer peripheral units and their developments, the company itself, its dealers and distributors are to be made aware and should adhere to its concept of environmental preservation.

Environmental Policy

[1] To promote the integrity of operational management systems and improvement of terrestrial environment activity Mimaki’s established environmental management system is operated company-wide thus continuous improvement is monitored and assured.

[2] Legal regulations and the observance of environmental-related law as well as other requirements are followed and agreed upon by the company. The company has decided to implement a range of independent standards and strive for environmental preservation.

[3] In order to decrease any influence on the environment, efficient company proceedings and workflows have been established to preserve resources and energy. The following have been established:

  1. Reducing consumption of electricity, fuel, resources and energy
  2. Reducing industrial waste emissions; and promoting recycling and thorough segregation
  3. Preventing environmental pollution by thorough control of harmful chemicals
  4. Promoting environmental-friendly design for products
  5. Reducing failure rate during manufacturing process
  6. Expanding sales of our environmental-friendly products and strengthening the environmental needs of our customers
  7. Improving the corrective action ability

[4] Our environmental policy and development thereof is widely known to all employees. Through this knowledge we are consciously improving our concepts and environmental preservation policies whereby our employees are increasing and promoting environmental control.

[5] Our environmental policy has been released on our homepage and has also been established for understanding and cooperation with cooperative companies.

Kazuaki Ikeda, President
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

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