Starting point and ending point do not meet in cutting operation.

  • Please see the following.

1. Check the showing length of the blade.

Reference: Showing length of blade = 0.3mm to 0.5mm (Replace the blade if it wears.)
Important: Adjust the blade pressure to the level where it leaves a cutter truck on media.

2. Are you using MIMAKI genuine cutters?
  Is proper cutting condition applied to your cutting operation?
  Perform [SQUARE CUT] for cutting rectangular shape to see if the cutting function is
  working properly.

  - Is the registered speed too fast?
  Try cutting in faster/slower speed than the registered.
  Does the change give you better outcomes?

  - Is the proper pressure applied to the blade?
  The conditions for cutting may vary by the blade or sheet you are using.
  Applying higher pressure to the blade does not always solve a problem.

  - Click here to see the table of offset values.

3. Select strong or weak for each of the clamp and make both of the pressure even.
  When applying 2 clamps, select strong for both of the clamps, and when applying 3 clamps,
  select strong for both ends and select weak for the middle. Ensure to apply same
  level of pressure in both ends.
  For instance, when selecting [strong-weak-weak] for 3-clamp application,
  the pressure to hold down the sheet media is uneven, and media skew could result.

4. Gradually increase the value of [COMPENSATION PRESSURE OFFSET value].
  When cutting corners, it automatically apply low pressure to the blade to keep the
  corners from curling up. If the cutting pressure is low, the tip of the blade does not   turn smoothly in the running direction, leaving uncut cutline.

  See the Operation Manual to learn more about [COMPRESSION PRESSURE OFFSET value].

5. Is the sheet media properly carried out?
  Are contaminants on the pen line rubber (pen line sheet) on the way?

  Clean up the pen line rubber.

6. If the grid roller is covered with chips resulting from cutting operations,
media skew could result.

  Use a toothbrush to clean up the roller.

7. If checking the step from 1 to 6 does not resolve the problem,
  replace the pen line rubber (pen line sheet).

  Click here to see the information of supply products.

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