“Ink cartridge check”, “Ink level end”, “Ink level low” is displayed (Firmware Ver4.2 and later)

  • See followings.

*1. The remaining ink amount is only a guide.
*2. Continuous printing is not possible. When using the 4-color ink set, continuous printing is possible only
   if no warning message appears for the other ink cartridge.
*3. In this case, the cartridge is switched to the other one.

- When "Ink cartridge check" or "Ink level end (1st time)" is displayed

1. Weigh the entire cartridge (including the ink pack) when the display appears using a scale.

2. Select [MENU] > [MACHINE SETUP] > [600cc cartridge] > [Cartridge Weight]
 and press the [ENTER] key.

3. Select the applicable ink slot number, then press the [ENTER] key. Enter the measured weight of the 600 ml
 ink cartridge by Up and Down keys, then press the [ENTER] key.

4. Open the ink cartridge, fold the ink pack and tape it, then reinsert the cartridge.  

- When "Ink level low" is displayed

1. Measure the current weight of the entire cartridge (including the ink pack) and enter the measured weight.
* For inputting procedures, see “When "Ink cartridge check" or "Ink level end (1st time)" is displayed”.  
* If anything other than listed above is displayed after entering the weight, follow the instructions for each message.

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