How do I replace the ink cartridge (ink pack)?

  • Follow the procedures below to replace the ink.

1. Remove the ink cartridge.

2. Open the lid of the ink cartridge case.
 Push in 4 tabs with finger to open the lid.

You can unlock it by pushing the tabs in.

3. Remove used ink pack (remove slowly so the ink does not leak).

4. Place a new ink pack inside the 600 ml ink cartridge case.
 Push the ink pack connector into the 600ml ink cartridge case slot with the double-sided tape attached
 side facing down.
 Ink may not be supplied if the connector is out of position.

5. Adjust the shape of the ink pack.

6. Peel off the double-sided tape on the opposite side of the connector and fix it.

* Note when sticking the ink pack.

Close the case lid.
Install a new ink IC chip and push in the tab.
Press tabs the same way to lock the lid.

- Make sure there is no gaps between the IC chip and the eco case.
- IC chips have front and back sides and mounting directions.
Make sure that the electrode surface is facing up and that the front and back are not reversed.

8. Slowly shake the ink cartridge horizontally at least 20 times before inserting the ink cartridge to
 ensure the ink moves inside.

9. Insert the ink cartridge into the slot.

* Insert the ink IC chip with it facing left.
* When replacing with a new ink pack, the cartridge weight does not need to be entered.

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