How do I replace the eco cartridge case?

  • Follow the procedures below to replace with the eco cartridge case.

* If the eco-cartridge case is damaged, please prepare the following items.
Item code: OPT-J0361 / Item name: ECO CASE 4 (4 pcs set)

1. Weight the cartridge case on a scale.
* Remove ink pack and IC chip when measure weight.

2. After weighing the cartridge case (Step 1), set (stick) the ink pack to the cartridge case.
* For more detailed procedures, please see the “How do I replace the ink cartridge (ink pack)?”.

3. Install an ink IC chip onto the 600 ml ink cartridge case.

4. Insert the ink cartridge in step3 (case + IC chip + ink pack) into the ink supply unit.

* Insert the ink IC chip with it facing left.

5. Select [MENU] > [MACHINE SETUP] > [600cc cartridge] > [Case Weight] and press the [ENTER] key.

6. Select the required ink slot number inserted in step 4, then press the [ENTER] key.
   Enter the weight of the eco case measured in step 1, then press the [ENTER] key.

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