How to maintain for long term storage (more than one week) and what are precautions?

  • Clean the area around the head, wash the ink discharge path, and dispose the waste ink in the waste ink tank prior to turning off the machine.

Please check the following details before long-term storage.

(1)    Please clean the area around the head.
     Procedures to clean the area around the head can be found here.

(2)    Please wash the ink discharge path.
     Procedures to wash the ink discharge path can be found here.

(3)    Please keep the main power switch on during long-term storage.
     The nozzle clogging prevention function automatically turns on to protect printhead nozzles.
     Leaving the main power turned off for a long period of time may cause the nozzles to be clogged.

(4)    Check the ink remaining level.
     Regular maintenance during long-term storage consumes a small amount of ink.
     If the ink is empty, we recommend setting an ink bottle with sufficient remaining amount.

(5)    Please dispose the waste ink in the waste ink tank.
     If waste ink level is increasing in the waste ink tank, it may overflow during long-term storage.
     For information on how to reset the waste ink amount, please see here.

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