How do I replace ink absorber around the cap?

  • Follow the steps below to replace the ink absorber.

- Ink absorber is a consumable item. Please prepare the following items.
Item code: SPA-0316 / Item name: UJV CAP ABSORBER (single)
* Either UJV100/JV100 series can be used.

1. On the LOCAL mode screen, select [MENU] > [Maintenance], then press the [ENTER] key.

2. Select [Station] > [Carriage Out] > [Move To Platen Right End], then press the [ENTER] key.
  The carriage moves over the platen.

3. Turn off the main power supply.
(1) Hold down the [END/POWER] key.
(2) A power off confirmation screen appears.  
   Press the [ENTER] key to turn the power off.
(3) Turn off the main power switch at the right side of the machine.
   Be sure to turn on the main power after replacing the absorber.
   If the main power is off, auto-maintenance function will not work and it may cause firing
    issue such as nozzle drop out.

4. Open the front cover.

5. Remove the cap absorber.

Push in two tabs located at the front to remove the cap absorber together.

6. Clean the C Slider.

7. Mount a new cap absorber.

8. Once replacement is complete, move the wiper back to the rear by hand.

9. Close the front cover, then turn on the power.

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