Even after maintenance, issues such as nozzle dropout and deflection remain unresolved.

  • If foreign objects on the nozzle surface are the cause, powerful maintenance with Maintenance Liquid 16 may resolve firing issues.

When performing powerful maintenance using Maintenance Liquid 16 for the first time, 
please consult our engineers for the procedure in advance.

* The powerful maintenance may not resolve all firing issues.
   Firing issues caused by factors other than foreign objects on the nozzle surface may not be resolved.

Please be sure to confirm in advance.

How to perform powerful maintenance
<Step 1>
Use Maintenance Liquid 16 to perform nozzle wash.
(1) On the LOCAL mode screen, select [FUNC1] (MEMU) > [MAINTENANCE]
> [Station] > [Nozzle Wash].
(2) Clean the wiper and the bracket using the maintenance liquid for daily maintenance
(Maintenance Liquid 16 cannot be used)
and press the [ENTER] key.
(3) Fill the cap of the area where the issue is occurring with Maintenance Liquid 16.
- Amount to use: Fill the cap until it's full (approx. 3 cc, equivalent to 1.5 syringe doses).
- Be careful not to spill the Maintenance liquid 16 from the cap.

(4) Press Up/Down key to set the waiting time to 10 minutes, then press the [ENTER] key.
- If you cannot set the waiting time on your product, please contact our call center for a version
upgrade that requires an on-site visit.
After nozzle cleaning is completed, please proceed to the next step 2 immediately without delay.

<Step 2>
Promptly perform head cleaning (Hard).
Please refer to the "Operation Manual" for the head cleaning procedures.

<Step 3>
Perform a test print to confirm if the firing issue has been resolved and if there are any
abnormalities in the color of the print result.
■ If the firing issue does not recover:
Return to Step 1 and perform wiper rubber cleaning, cap rubber cleaning, and nozzle wash again.
If there is no improvement even after performing it three times, please contact our call center.

■ If firing issues have been resolved but there is an issue with color
(such as being too light or mixed colors):

Please execute [DISWAY WASH] and perform wiper cleaning using the maintenance liquid for daily maintenance (not suitable for Maintenance Liquid 16).
If no improvement is observed, please contact our call center.

■ If recovery is successful and there are no color issues:
Powerful maintenance is complete.

Please refer to this video for reference.
Types and selection of maintenance liquid for UV ink

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