How do I discard ink in the waste tank?

  • Pour the ink in the waste tank into other liquor tank before it gets full, and hand it to industrial waste trader with SDS.

* Check the number of ink bottle first to obtain the appropriate SDS from here .

* Use metallic oil tin with a lid or red gas can in the market as the
  “other liquor tank”(described above).
 If you do not have one with you, use a PE liquor tank. Note that the
 container must say [waste ink] or place noticeable memo on it so that
 it prevents third party from suffering from the chemical hazard.

* Make sure to attach air tight stopper onto the “other liquor tank”,
 and keep it away from fire.

* In case of UV ink, make sure to store out of the sun. Otherwise,
 ink in the tank may cure.

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