The media is automatically fed out when the roll media is cut.

  • Set [Feeding Before Cut] to OFF. * If "Auto cut" is selected in RasterLink, this function will not be enabled.

Set [Feeding Before Cut] to OFF.
When [Feeding Before Cut] is ON, the media is automatically fed out 100mm from the current position and cut is executed.
If you do not want the media to be fed out automatically and you want to set the cutting position yourself, please turn off [Feeding Before Cut].

< How to turn off [Feeding Before Cut] >
1. Press the [FUNC1] key.
2. Select [Machine setup] and press the [ENTER] key.
3. Select [Feeding Before Cut] and press the [ENTER] key.
4. Select [OFF] by Up & Down key and press the [ENTER] key.

< How to cut the media: when [Feeding Before Cut] is "OFF" >  
1. On the LOCAL mode screen, press the [<] [>] (Left/Right) key.
2. On the Origin Setup screen, press the Up/Down key to feed the media to desired position.

3. Press [CUT] (FUNC2) key.
4. On the MEDIA CUT screen, press the [ENTER] key.
  The media does not feed and the media cut at specified position.

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