Even when the tool setting is set to 'PEN' and plotted, it outputs using the "CT1" (CUT1) cutting conditions.

  • Please see the following.

1. When plotting with FineCut, is the "Plotter Condition" displayed in the plotter output window?
Verify if "Plotter Condition" is selected in the "Plot condition" of the Plot Out window.
* Please verify if there are any settings within the third-party software being used for plotting, such as specifying the tool.

2. Confirm that on the plotter side, [PRIORITY] is set to "PANEL".
[PRIORITY]: Function determines which configuration takes precedence when different settings are applied to the same item in both the plotter and the host computer.

If you have specified cutting conditions in FineCut or other third-party cutting software, please set [PRIORITY] to "HOST".

Please refer to the "Operation Manual" for the setting of [PRIORITY].

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