The blade edge is descending, but it does not reach the sheet, so it can't cut.

  • The cutter holder is not set in the correct position, or the cutter blade may come into contact with the cutter guard or nearby objects before reaching the sheet, which could result in the cutter blade not reaching the sheet. * Please note that the cutter guard is not included depending on the purchase date.

1. Verify the placement of the cutter holder.
Align the tab on the cutter holder with the groove on the tool holder and set it in place.

2. Check the cutter guard located below the cutter holder.
Check if any sheet fragments or debris are adhering to the cutter guard and causing interference with the cutter holder.

The attachment position of the cutter guard may shift when the head gets caught on the sheet.
Please refer to the "Procedure manual for the attachment of the cutter guard" and verify the attachment position.

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