Cutter becomes dull in a short time

  • If cutter blades get dull in a short time, check on the followings.

1. You are using MIMAKI genuine cutter blades
To secure stable cut quality, use the following MIMAKI genuine cutter blade.
Part number: SPB-0082 APC replacement blade set (three)

2. Check for the media
The blade life may become shorter if the media is hard or thick, or made up of a certain composition.

3. Cutting condition is appropriate
If a cutter becomes dull, first increase the pressure (PRESS)value in the cutting condition rather than increasing the extended length of the blade.
For how to set the cutting condition, see "OPERATION MANUAL. "

4. Extended length of the blade is appropriate
Too large extended length of the blade may not only shorten its life, but cause an unexpected touch with the media, resulting in paper jam or cutting of a portion that should not be cut.
For a rough guide of the extended length of the blade, see "OPERATION MANUAL. "

* The cutting condition described in "OPERATION MANUAL " is a rough guide. Always perform a test cutting and check the result.

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