Paper jam occurs

  • When there is a paper jam (PAPER JAM), remove the media by the following procedure.

1. Power off the machine.
2. Move up the clamp.
3. Move the head by hand to remove the media.

If the paper jam easily occurs, check on the followings.
1. When static electricity causes the media to stick to the platen, allowing themto come in contact with each other
Installing the machine on the carpet can easily produce static electricity. Dry air can easily produce static electricity as well. Use the machine in an environment that is resistant to static electricity as much as possible.

2. When the cutter drags a cut pattern which came off
A cut pattern coming off as shown in the photos below not only affect the feeding but cause a paper jam.

If cut patterns easily come off, you need to change the dotted line cutting condition.

"CUT LENGTH" is the amount to cut out the paper, "HALF LENGTH" the amount left uncut, and "HALF PRESS" the pressure applied to the uncut portions (the blade slightly touches on these portions).
If these three values are not in good balance, cut patterns can easily come off.
Try making "CUT LENGTH" shorter, "HALF LENGTH" longer, and "HALF PRESS" lighter.

3. The forwarded media gets lifted without fitting in the basket
The forwarded portion of the media may be lifted if the media is accumulated in the basket as in the photo. Frequently remove the parts of media that finished cutting, not leave them in the basket.

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