Ink is not cured enough

  • Ink cure issue is not related to Ink adhesion issue. Even if ink was cured enough, ink may not adhere to the media tightly.


1. Please make sure the head gap is less than 2.0mm.
  Head gap= between the top height of the material and the head surface

2. Please try to add more print passes.

3. Add UV scan at last passes [SET UP] -> [UV SCAN ADD] and change the
  value bigger (1~9), and check the result.

4. Send the image one more time after print, that without printing but only UV
  irradiation. [SET UP] -> [UV MODE]: NO PRINT

5. Ink will not be cured enough if the UV lamp glass is dirty by ink mist or dust. 
  Clean gently the glass surface using Nonwoven cloth (SPC-0547) with alcohol.

6. Check the Firmware version (Please tell us when you contact us).

[How to check Firmware version]

It will be appeared on the display right after you powered on.

You can see the below display after you hit key 2times with display.

7. Please contact us if you still keep having this issue.

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