Pen writing and cutting line do not overlap.

  • Select B (cutter) from [TOOL SELECT], and check [Adjustment of offset] under Select a tool.

1. Select a tool [B (cutter)].

  For details, see “SELECTING A TOOL [TOOL SELECT]” in Operation Manual.

2. Go to Adjustment of offset ([TOOL ADJUST]) and use a pen to adjust the cutter
  in right position.
  Attach a pen on the head A and a cutter on the head B respectively, and then
  perform “Adjustment of the offset”.

  For details, see “Adjustment of the offset” in Operation Manual.

3. Check also Adjustment of the eccentricity and Adjustment of θ angle.

  For details, see “Adjustment of the eccentricity” and “Adjustment of θ angle”
  in Operation Manual.

4. Check again Adjustment of offset, and then check re-plotting.

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