NNNNY×UJF-3042HG UJF-3042HG meets a creator: UV print creation with unique ideas (Article from MdN Magazine, November 2013)

Efforts of Mimaki
Taeko Isu, a designer
UJF-3042HG collaborates with Taeko Isu, a designer/creator, at Happy Printers, a custom print shop in Tokyo, Japan. This project is published in MdN, a total information magazine for design and graphics.

UJF-3042HG collaborates with Taeko Isu, a designer/creator, at Happy Printers, a custom print shop in Tokyo, Japan. This project is published in MdN, a total information magazine for design and graphics.
* The following article is reprinted from the November 2013 issue of MdN Magazine.


UV print creation, with unique ideas, by a creator

A custom print shop, Happy Printers, has newly opened in Tokyo, offering the Mimaki UV inkjet printer UJF-3042HG. A designer, Taeko Isu experiences the UJF-3042HG.
● Reporter: Nozomi Nishimura ● Photographer: Tada[Yukai]

Witness the unique print goods creation

Taeko brought plastic CD cases and buttons made of varied materials.
She says, “How wonderful!” and forgets all about the time while watching the UJF-3042HG print.

Case A: Making a clear CD case attractive by adding an extra twist

“A clear CD case” was the first thing that came to Taeko’s mind after hearing that the UJF-3042HG prints on transparent materials.

Wearing UV protective goggles, she watches the UV inkjet printing for a few minutes. ()

On the front face:
Simple image printed in double layers. The white base layer brings out the design of color printing. (2)

Translucent color print results match the substrate’s clarity better than expected. (3)

On the reverse face:
From the outside, the printed reverse face is fully covered with white ink, but the color image appears after the cover is opened. Using white ink, UJF-3042HG’s multiple layer printing enables the presentation of different print images on both sides of one transparent plate. (4)
Procedures of multi-layer printing
① Color ② White x 2 ③ Gray (W70% + K30%) ③ White x 2
The gray layer print is essential for decreasing transmission of light and obtaining an opaque white finish on the reverse face.

Case B: Making unique buttons to spice up clothes!

Taeko says, “I got the idea when one of my friends, who likes to refashion clothes, asked if I could make customized buttons.”

First, placing a piece of paper on the printer table and then printing images. Second, placing buttons on printed images. (1)

Varied button sizes, 15 to 30 mm, and materials—wood, plastic, acrylic, etc.—are prepared for printing. (2)

Printed buttons are “ready-for-sale”! (3)

Only black is used on a wooden button printing to leave a “woody” texture. Applying simultaneous white + color print on a mirrored acrylic button enhances color image printing. (4)

Not only apparels but also accessories are ideal applications.

【Interview】 An interview with Taeko Isu
UJF-3042HG represents my design faithfully, so I can make both of gifts and artworks!

After the printing, Taeko was very excited about the quality of the UJF-3042HG.
She was again motivated to make something wonderful out of the printed goods in her hand.

Taeko Isu and UJF-3042HG

Taeko: While printing CD cases, I found it very difficult to control white ink printing, but it is also very interesting. To obtain an ideal white color printing, I need to consider the degree of light shielding or transmittance when designing the print image. Print technology is “digital,” but the total working processes are like “analog.” I enjoyed both methods of working and creating works of art by hand, which I have not felt for a long time. The small letters are clear and edge lines are very sharp. Furthermore, I was surprised when I touched the printed objects right after printing! UV ink dries so quickly! When printing on buttons, I also learned that UJF-3042HG enables me to print on a wide range of materials. Making my own original print goods using the UJF-3042HG is the most delightful work! I don’t need to ask someone outside to finish my work. I would like to use the UJF-3042HG for making gifts and customized goods.

Taeko Isu [NNNNY]profile:

Taeko Isu

A member of a design unit of NNNNY consisting of five creators, Gabin Itoh, Taeko Isu, Kei Ogiwara, Matt Fargo, and Yohsuke Hayashi. Whether working with paper or electronic media, she is constantly designing and completing art activities.

URL: http://nnnny.jp/

About “Happy Printers”

Happy Printers

A print shop that provides print services to clients utilizing professional-use printers.

URL: https://happyprinters.jp/



Global Marketing Department
2182-3, Shigeno-Otsu, Tomi-city, Nagano, Japan
Postal code, 389-0512
TEL:+81-(0)268-64-2281 FAX:+81-(0)268-64-2285

Visit the UJF-3042HG website for more detailed information.

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  • NameHappy Printers
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    Postal code, 150-0001
  • Phone number070-5370-6700
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