Aggressive decision to carry out the bold plan of replacing two main machines together without hesitation: T-port, a print and sticker store

Since the company's main clientele is private customers, they were looking for machines that could work efficiently to handle high-mix, small-lot production.
The company introduced the "TS100-1600" sublimation transfer printer and the "CJV300-160 Plus" print & cut machine. In addition to stable operation, the ID cut function of the print & cut machine has improved work efficiency.

Product installed

Replaced two machines together to keep providing next-level "emotionally appealing" print services.

T-port 代表 平 満憲 様と昇華転写プリンタ「TS100-1600」

Mr. Mitsunori Taira, Representative of T-port

Conclusive fact in introducing TS100-1600

  • High-performance entry model with superior image quality and high productivity
  • Stable output even at fast speeds

Conclusive fact in introducing CJV300-160 Plus

  • ID cut function improves work efficiency

T-port has been providing print services focusing on apparel and stickers for the past quarter of a century since its establishment in 1997. Having worked in Malaysia for five years as a businessman, Mr. Taira used the know-how and network he cultivated there to launch a company that imports and sells clothing from overseas. Started by importing and selling T-shirts, the company has shifted its business focus to printing and stickers to differentiate itself from mass retailers, and has developed high value-added print services.

With a large private clientele, the company takes on the printing of apparel, stickers, and even embroidery, all from a single piece.
"For example, if there is an order to decorate a Hiroshima Carp uniform, we can make a more "appealing" proposal by offering to make tags and stickers to go along with it, since the customer took the trouble to create an original product. This is how we can increase customer satisfaction," says Mr. Taira. Through word of mouth, such services have spread, and customers now visit the company from Fukuyama City and as far away as Okayama, Onomichi, and Mihara areas.

Various stickers on display in the store

Various stickers on display in the store

Switched from another company's product, but had no problem with the operability.

To replace the two machines together, they considered the following conditions: in addition to high functionality and excellent cost performance, the sheet width needed to be at least 1600 mm, but the machine body had to be compact since the installation space was limited. After evaluating three printer manufacturers, including the other manufacturer that had previously installed their machines, they selected Mimaki's sublimation transfer inkjet printer “TS100-1600” and the print-and-cut inkjet printer “CJV300-160 Plus”.

When asked if there were any concerns about switching from another company's product, Mr. Taira replied, "At first, we had a little difficulty with subtle color adjustments, but since we always have our customers choose colors from a color chart, we quickly got used to it after matching with the actual product. We didn't have any particular problems with operability. The support system with a Mimaki sales office nearby was also attractive. But the machine has been so stable that we haven't had to call for repairs in the six months since installation."

Satisfied with "ID cut function" with high cutting quality
Also appreciated the stability of the sublimation transfer printer

When asked about the "recommended points" of Mimaki printers, his first response was the "ID cut function".
“In the case of stickers, cutting accuracy is the issue that customers are most concerned about, and its quality directly affects customer satisfaction. The ID cut function is a really convenient and helpful feature. First, you load the print data between the register marks, and then the machine cuts the material continuously with high precision. It allows for several different types of data to be used and continuously cuts in one operation, so I can leave it alone and save my time. Also, no matter which direction the media is set, it automatically corrects the orientation and cuts the media, so work after laminating is smooth,” he explains, realizing the high efficiency of the process.

When asked about the TS100-1600 sublimation transfer printer, he replied, "It is great because it prints stably from the moment the power is turned on and the colors are stable even when it prints at a high speed." He seems to have realized the benefits of the new machine's stable operation and quality of the finished product.

Printing & ID cutting with CJV300-160 Plus

Printing & ID cutting with CJV300-160 Plus

Desire to focus on real face-to-face interaction with customers

Although online communication has become the norm with the Corona Disaster, Mr. Taira insists on real, face-to-face interaction with customers, valuing unseen airs and feelings.

“Customers' needs are often vague. So, we listen to the customer's voice while showing materials and samples. For instance, if embroidery is difficult due to budget constraints, we may suggest sublimation. As long as we can share the same feeling with our customers, I am sure we can make a proposal that will satisfy them," he says, adhering to his customer-oriented sales style.


After installing the two Mimaki printers introduced here, the company has since purchased other equipment. In order to provide new services to customers, it is aggressively investing in equipment to broaden the scope of its business, and it is making every effort to build a system that can respond to diversifying customer needs. Such an attitude leads to customer trust, which in turn creates a virtuous cycle of repeat business.

Profile of T-port

Since its establishment in 1997, the company has been involved in print services for a quarter of a century.
Started by importing and selling T-shirts, it now offers high value-added print services, focusing mainly on apparel and stickers.

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Entry model Sublimation transfer Inkjet Printer:TS100-1600
Print & Cut Inkjet Printer:CJV300-160 Plus

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