WORKS CO., LTD. (Yokohama city, Kanagawa)

Reducing the outsourcing cost for vehicle wrap film printing.
The cost is reduced by a printer. White ink allows to exhibit new design presentations.

Dramatically reduced the outsourcing cost by self-manufacuring.
The decisive factor was the expression by use of the white ink.

Mr. Yamamoto (Operator)

WORKS CO., LTD.(Yokohama city, Kanagawa)
Industry: Car inspection, Car repair, Plate paint, Used car sales/purchase, Dress up, Tune up, Parts sales

Installed printer: CJV30-160 (SS21 ink, 6 Colors + White)

Mr. Yamamoto (Operator)

A car processed by WORKS

What is your business and your strong points?

We have dealt with car-related business ―from car repair to car processing― for 15 years. Our strong point is that we can respond to several kind of the customer's demands. Also, we run a covenience store next to our car shop.

Picture: A car processed by WORKS

Ornaments in the convenience store

Picture: Ornaments in the convenience store
* It is quite rare that a convenience store decorates the interior originally. The works form the ornament contest, and the advertisement made by CJV30-160 are arranged in the store.

What was the decisive factor to introduce CJV30?

It was the first time to introduce a printer. We wanted to have a printer as an item for our business, so we checked the web site of all companies that sells wide format printers. We did not have much space to install the printer, so we struggled to decide which company's printer to buy. What made us buy CJV30 was that it was cheaper and white ink was available.

What was the problem before introducing CJV30 ?

The problem was the outsourcing cost. When ordering stickers, it took four hundred thousand yen to five hundred thousand yen per one order. Also, it takes much time to have the final product because proofing is repeated several times in many cases (It frequently happens that the pritned result is defferent from the expectation). It was inconvenient that we cannot check the result until it is delivered.

Was the problem solved?

We were able to make stickers by ourself, so we did not have to count on outsourcing. Also, we handled not only the car related products, but the printing service for the building site. Self-manufacturing allowed us to sharp our image into the products immediately, so we can make the correction of the data when the output is different from the expected image.

The merit of the self-manufacturing (On a monthly basis)

The merit of the self-manufacturing
(On a monthly basis)

example:the black car's body

Also the white ink is really useful. We can have several kind of printing by taking advantage of the white ink combined with a creative mind. We used to print on the white sheet, but now we use the gold or transparent sheet with use of the white ink. The combination of the colors and white delivers the new expression. For example, when attaching the transparent sheet on the black car's body, the original color is not expressed because the black body affects the color. However, printing the white ink before printng color, the original color is expressed even on the black body.
This leads to create an advantage over our rivals.

The 1/10 size of the radio controlled model car and sticker

Future efforts

Sometimes we receive idea from the customer, and every time we come up with the new idea, we realize that the application of the CJV30 is infinite. We are going to self manufacture all the parts that we outsourced such as the original graphic or original sticker for the decorated car.
Also, the 1/10 size of the radio controlled model car is now booming, so we try to make a course for the model car, and sell the sticker and vinylgrafic.

WORKS's works

What is amazing about WORKS?

Mr. Yamamoto has a long experience and high level technique, so he accepts any kind of order with any image data (the data downloaded from the web site is possible). With his high skills, he produces the products with high image quality finish, which looks fine even seen from 10cm away, by considering on the demand of the customers and their bugets.

WORKS's works and CJV30-160

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  • IndustryCar inspection, Car repair, Plate paint, Used car sales/purchase, Dress up, Tune up, Parts sales
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