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User stories of UCJV300 Series

STREAM Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka)


We want to efficiently print "flavor cards"* that would not worth the cost when using screen printing or UV flatbed machines. * Thin film material and small lot


Introduction of roll-type UCJV300-160 allows us to respond to soft material printing. When compared to addition of JFX200, we could reduce installation space and introduction cost, so introduced UCJV300-107 as the second machine. By using this printer and the flatbed JFX200 differently depending on the material, productivity has increased across the company.

STREAM Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

NIHON HOWSOW Co., Ltd. (Okayama City, Okayama)


Since our existing UV printer for creating soft packaging samples causes color unevenness, we want to make a replacement purchase. Printing quality should be as high as that of gravure printing in mass production.


UCJV300-75 has cleared our requirements such as speed, color reproduction, supported media, and availability. Although we introduced a Mimaki product for the first time, we were able to complete smooth switch to the printer with no trouble.

NIHON HOWSOW Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

Yousei Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka)


Desire to effectively utilize the loss time in processing acrylic items with UV flatbed printers. Idle-time of laser beam machines needs to be reduced as well.


Proposal of novelty production using UCJV300 and transparent attachment films. Staggered production process featuring unmanned night-time film printing phase fully utilizing the potential of roll-based printers and day-time processing boosted the productivity by 400%. Simultaneous use of conventional UV printers reduced the laser beam machine idle-time to almost zero.

Yousei Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka)


Couldn't find any satisfactory UV printer products capable of handling solvent-based prints at the product price, processing speed and running cost we required. We were also looking for products compatible with the recently increasing synthetic and wallpaper printing work.


UCJV300-160 cleared all problems. With a high output speed and requiring no drying time, the printer can handle quick turn-arounds speedily. Stable operation of the product allows unmanned night-shifts. With enhanced processing capability, we aim to acquire more things to do.

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

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