What system configuration do I need?

  • The following is the basic system configuration.

• Using the RIP PC as a server machine, data is sent from your client PC that is running a DTP application to the RIP software "RasterLink 6" through LAN cable. Then the RIP software "RasterLink 6" send the data to UJF-6042MkⅡvia USB 2.0 or LAN cable.
About PC specifications for RIP, see RasterLink6 FAQ.
*RasterLinkPro5 cannot be used.

• RIP software "RasterLink 6" is attached to the main unit.
In addition to UJF-6042MkⅡmain unit, RIP PC1 and USB 2.0*1 or LAN*2 cable are required.

*1 USB 2.0 cable can be purchased optionally. (USB 2.0 cable(5m):OPT-J0137)
*2 If printing via a network, you need to configure your network with the following environment.
• Use LAN cables that are category 6 or higher.
• Use PC that support 1000BASE-T.
• If you use a hub, use a switching hub that support 1000BASE-T.

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