What system configuration do I need?

  • The basic system structure is as follows.

By making the RIP installed PC as a server, send data to RIP software, [TxLink3 Lite] or [RasterLink6] from your DTP application running client PC via network.

Note that RIP software, [TxLink3 Lite] or [Raster Link6] (*1) come with the main unit.
You need to prepare a PC for installing RIP and USB2.0 cable (*2) or LAN cable (*2,3) to operate TS300P.

See product page of TxLink3 and RasterLink6 to learn more about the specification for RIP PC.

(*1): You can choose either one of TxLink3 Lite or RasterLink6 when purchasing.
(*2): Part is available as MIMAKI optional products.
(*3): When connecting with LAN cable, the following requirements are required for creating
   a network:
   - Category 6 or more LAN cable
   - Computer supporting 1000BASE-T
   - Switching hub supporting 1000Base-T (If using hub).

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