System requirements

OS Windows XP Professional/Home Edition Service Pack 3 or later (32bit)
Windows Vista Enterprise/Ultimate/Business/Home Premium Service Pack 2 or later (32/64bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional/Home Premium (32/64bit) *1
Windows 8/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
Windows 8.1/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
CPU Intel Core2Duo 1.8GHz or higher *2
Chipset Genuine Intel chipset *2
Memory 2GB or higher
HDD 100GB or higher free disk space (NTFS format)
Interface USB1.1/2.0 *3, Ethernet *4
Monitor 1,366×768 pixels or higher
*1: This software cannot be operated on XP mode in Windows 7.
*2: Use Intel CPU and chipset otherwise an error may occur during printing.
USB2.0 is used for connecting the printer that has USB2.0 port.
USB1.1 and 2.0 are used for dongle detection.
*4: Used for a license authorization.
(Ethernet connection compatible printer only) Ethernet port is required to connect the printer.


Compatible printer
CJV30 Series, CJV150/300 Series, JV33 Series, JV34-260, JV150/300 Series, JV400 Series, JV5 Series, UJV500-160, UJV55-320, SIJ-320UV, SWJ-320 Series, JFX200-2513, JFX500-2131, UJF-3042FX/HG, UJF-6042, UJF-MkII Series, UJF-7151 plus, TPC-1000, TS300P-1800, TS3-1600, TS30-1300, TS34-1800A, TS5 Series, TS500 Series, Tx300P-1800/B, Tx500 Series

Compatible file format
PostScript(PS)/EPS/TIFF/JPEG/BMP/PDF(PDF1.4 or earlier)

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