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User stories of CFL-605RT, UJF-6042MkII, and UJF-6042

NARATO DESIGN CO., LTD. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


Although we have outsourced the manufacturing of button badges and pasteboards to subcontractors (for offset printing and punching processes), it took a lot of cost for us to deal with work operation of a small-lot production.


Introduction of CFL-605RT and a laser printer enables us to realize reduction of manufacturing cost by a factor of 10 and a significant reduction in delivery time. Furthermore, our scale of business is expanding by introducing UJF-6042MkII and producing acrylic key holders in-house.

NARATO DESIGN CO., LTD. | Mimaki user stories

KOJIMA Co., Ltd. (Odawara city, Kanagawa)


We would like to deal with a small-lot production of goods. Moreover, we also would like to produce packages associated with them in-house.


Adoption of UJF-6042 and CFL-605RT has enabled us to in-house production. CFL-605RT is utilized not only for packages production but also for the manufacturing of variant seals. Our rate of acceptance of orders has increased sharply by making and submitting one sample.

KOJIMA Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

ART PRINTING Co., Ltd. Logistics Center (Kawasaki city, Kanagawa)


Subcontracting the production of small decals, seals and business proposal dummies in minor quantities is often comparatively expensive and inefficient. Looking for small cutting plotters to process such knickknacks.


Major cost reduction on minor lot production with CFL-605RT. Extremely handy and easy to use. Internal production facilitates the perception of progress from production to shipment, greatly reducing in-corporate stress. Additionally, CFL handles the troublesome hand-crafting of planning samples, freeing the marketing personnel from the task and enhancing business efficiency not to mention the proposing power.

ART PRINTING Co., Ltd. Logistics Center | Mimaki user stories

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