Seals used in lieu of signatures are very useful in daily life; they are used in many banks and city offices in Japan. Many people have their own seals, and seals are commonly sent as gifts. Custom seal cases and whole-surface print seals are very meaningful gifts. In addition, seals with unique images such as cartoon characters are very impressive and may open new business opportunities.

【Seal case】
Printer: UJF-6042
Ink: LH-100(CMYKClPr)
Material: Synthetic leather, Plastic
Print technique: Multi layer printing (White base layer and color layer prints)

Printer: UJF-6042、KEBAB system
Ink: LH-100 (C,M,Y,K,Cl,Pr)
Material: Aclylic resin
360-dgree surface printing unit: KEBAB (Detachable unit for Mimaki inkjet printers)

The KEBAB unit enables 360-degree printing on the surface of a cylindrical object. Detailed designs can be clearly represented.

Unique seal printing with a cartoon character.

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