Sublimation ink

High-density sublimation ink dramatically improves print quality on polyester

The ink is fixed on the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. The combination of ink and machine technologies achieves cost-effective and eco-conscious direct sublimation printing. Sublimation transfer printing is also available on polyester fabrics with vivid and clear colors. Several black inks are offered to produce subtle differences in shades of black.
Mimaki has attained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland, via Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center, for its "Sb54/310/410/411/610/MLSb510" and "Sb320/420/MLSb520", sublimation inks.

Printing unique and gorgeous design on the polyester fabric

The combination of quick dry water based sublimation ink and Mimaki inkjet technology produces beautiful and high-quality vibrant color printing on the polyester fabrics and provides unlimited design potential for a wide range of applications for signage and apparel printing including flags, banners, sportswear, swimwear.

Mechanism of water-based sublimation ink fixation

Direct sublimation printing – Printing directly on pretreated fabric

Direct sublimation printing

Sublimation heat transfer printing – Imprints a printed image of the transfer paper on the polyester fabric

Sublimation heat transfer printing

Cost-effective and eco-conscious direct sublimation printing

Mimaki’s unique direct printing system has brought a new generation of polyester sublimation printing to the textile print industry. This paperless direct sublimation transfer printing system optimizes excellent color reproducibility of the ink, reduces paper costs and wastage, and increases productivity.

What is direct sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is direct printing on pretreated polyester fabric without using transfer paper.

High-quality print expression is endorsed by fashion designers

High-quality print expression is endorsed by fashion designers

Sensitive and complicated colors, gradations, and white outlines are faithfully represented. We have developed a new ink formulation to meet the excellent taste of fashion designers. A variety of inks based on application are offered.

Solve problems and deliver solutions for users

To meet users’ needs, we have taken countermeasures against typical problems experienced in printing on polyester fabric, such as ink bleeding, difficulties in feeding soft fabrics, ink drying times, and ink mist generation.

Large-volume ink bottles allow on-time completion of large-volume orders

A 2-liter ink bottle is offered for the large-sized printer. This enables users to handle large-volume orders more quickly and at lower cost.

Mimaki also has knowledge of printing on various fabrics

We have learned about fabric pretreatment methods and have obtained experience and knowledge for direct printing on various fabrics by trial and error. Depending on the needs of each user, we can provide appropriate technical know-how as well as recommend a suitable ink.

Sublimation ink creates new possibilities for printing of custom sport uniforms

Various ink types are provided for sublimation transfer printing. These inks have high color reproducibility, excellently reproduce designs with vibrant colors on polyester, and add value to uniforms, swimwear, and costumes.

What is sublimation transfer printing?

First, the image is printed on transfer paper. Second, the printed surface of the transfer paper is placed on the polyester fabric and the two are pressed together at high temperature.

[Fluorescent color ] can realize the brilliant coloring.

The fluorescent pink color and  the fluorescent yellow color of Sb54, Sb410 and Sb610 are ready to distribute as the industry like the sports apparel is seeking such a vivid coloring.

Uniform (the fluorescent pink and the fluorescent yellow are applied.)

Uniform (the fluorescent pink and the fluorescent yellow are applied.)

ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® Certification

The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is certified to Mimaki sublimation ink "Sb54/310/410/411/610/MLSb510" and "Sb320/420/MLSb520".

[ECO PASSPORT] by OEKO-TEX® Certification Ink

  • Sublimation ink "Sb610 (Lm)" (Certificate No. NEP 1604)
  • Sublimation ink "Sb54 (Fluorescence)/410 (Fluorescence)/610 (Fluorescence)" (Certificate No. NEP 1605)
  • Sublimation ink "Sb320/420/MLSb520" (Certificate No. NEP 1606)
  • Sublimation ink "Sb54/310/411/610 (excluding Lm, fluorescence)/MLSb510" (Certificate No. NEP 1801)

The "ECO PASSPORT" authenticates the safety and security for chemicals used during the production of textile dyes / pigments and auxiliaries and finishing agents. It was set up by the OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland, as an effort to prove the safety and security intended for the materials (used chemicals) following to the [STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®] (*), being target for the safety and security of textile products. Applying of the safety certification in Japan, in June 2016 through Nissenken began and this certification of safety for the materials likely to contain the harmful substances will improve the safety level of the overall of textile products.
* [STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®] is a certification system for the safety and the security of textile products. It is a universally-accepted standard proving the absence of harmful substances, such as the aromatic amines, in textiles and its related products.

Mimaki took the lead of the market to develop ink, ink-jet printer industry to reduce environmental impact. Especially the sublimation printing is becoming attractive as its environmental-minded system.
Mimaki continues to pursue the print technology of high-quality and to strive to reduce its environment impact for the realization of environmentally-friendly manufacturing. It will aim to continue offering products and services considering the safety and security of our valued customers.

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