Mimaki Profile Master 3

Mimaki Profile Master3.2.0.1 Update tool

Type Updater
Release date 03/17/2021
Supported OS Windows 7 (32bit)
Windows 7 (64bit)
Windows 8 (32bit)
Windows 8 (64bit)
Windows 8.1 (32bit)
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit)
Windows 10 (64bit)
Supported Software Mimaki Profile Master 3

About this update tool

  • For using MPM3.1.17 or later, this tool update to v3.2.0.1.
  • In case you are using older version than MPM3.1.17, please download MPM3.1.17 Update installer and update to 3.1.17 before use this update tool.

Release Note

1 Additional Printers

Printer Color Ink Set Special color set Note
TS100 4Color Sb610 BMYK - -


2 Additional Colorimeter

Models Manufacturer Note
i1Pro3 X-Rite

The device and basic performance are the same, but the aperture size is different (PLUS is larger).

That makes the chart images different, so models differ.

i1Pro3 PLUS X-Rite
i1iO3 with i1Pro3 X-Rite The table (i1iO3) is the same, but the charts differ as described above, so they are different models.
i1iO3 with i1Pro3 PLUS X-Rite


2.1 Supports M-factor switching

The i1Pro3 series now supports the M-factor switching.

2.1.1 What is M-factor?

The M factor is a condition for color measurement, currently four types are specified. By selecting the appropriate conditions, the impact of the media's Optical Brightening Agent on the colorimetry results can be reduced. 
Please refer to the following site for more information on the M factor.

2.1.2 Configurable conditions

The M-factors that can be set for each colorimeter are as follows.

Models M0 M1 M2 M3
i1Pro3 -
i1Pro3 PLUS
i1iO3 with i1Pro3 -
i1iO3 with i1Pro3 PLUS

※The initial value of the M factor for all colorimeters, including the above, is M0. 
※ You can switch it on the settings screen of the colorimeter.

※When selecting M3 for i1Pro3 PLUS and i1iO3 with i1Pro3 PLUS: 

  • When M3 is selected, the polarizing filter attached to the i1Pro3 PLUS must be installed.
  • When M3 is selected, a chart exclusively for M3 is output. This chart cannot be used when M0/M1/M2 is selected. Conversely, the chart output when M0 / M1 / M2 is selected cannot be used when M3 is selected.

2.1.3 NOTES: Compatibility with the conventional environment

Do not change the M factor (leave it as M0) when there is no problem with the previous operation. 
Conventionally, the RasterLink series and MPM3 operate on the assumption of M0. 
If you set the M factor to other than M0, please note the following points: 

  1. Creation of device profiles 

If the device profile is created with other than M0, the following problems may occur in the RasterLink Color Replacement function.

  • When using a colorimeter to replace a color, the color reproduction accuracy will be poor if the M-factor is different from the one when the device profile was created.
  • The PANTONE and DIC color libraries use values at M0, so changing the M factor will result in poor color reproduction.
  1. Color matching

When performing the color matching, use the same M factor for both the target and the matching side.

2.14 NOTE: When measuring the color of textiles by the i1iO3 with i1Pro3 PLUS

Do not select M3 when you are using the i1iO3 with i1Pro3 PLUS to measure the color of textiles.
[Reason] A polarizing filter is attached to the i1Pro3 PLUS when using M3. Due to the characteristics of the polarizing filter, it is necessary to measure the color with the colorimeter always pointing in a certain direction to the fabric. However, due to the mechanism of the i1iO3, the direction of the colorimeter may vary depending on the position, resulting in poor color measurement results.
In the case of the i1Pro3 PLUS alone (manual color measurement), there is no problem because the colorimeter always points in the same direction.


2.2 Limitations in this Version

The following limitations apply when using the newly supported colorimeters in MPM3.2.0.1.

  1. The device profile creation and the color matching for the following color mode are not supported.


  1. When performing the device profile creation and the color matching in the following color modes, the rotation cannot be specified when outputting the chart (Always set to 0 °).


The above limitations will be addressed at the next version upgrade.


3 Improved Function

3.1 Device Profile Installation on RasterLink 7

RasterLink7 is now supported in [Installing device profiles]. When RasterLink7 and/or RasterLink6 is installed in the environment where MPM3 is installed, it works as follows. 

3.1.1 Only one of RasterLink7/RasterLink6 is installed

Clicking the [Install] button will directly launch the Profile Manager.

3.1.2 Have both RasterLink7 and RasterLink6 installed

When clicking the [Install] button, a screen for selecting which location to install will appear.


4 Bug fix

1) Fixed a bug that could not be measured chart images using SpectroLFP.

Version: MPM3.2.0


5 Notes for RasterLink

The device profile and emulation profile created by MPM3 is v3.5 as profile version. Supporting v3.5 profile and RasterLink is as follows.

Application Action
RasterLink7 It can be used.

It can be used from Ver. 4.11 or later.
v3.5 profile cannot be installed in Ver.4.11 or later.

RasterLinkPro5 V3.5 profile cannot be used.


Precautions for download

Be sure to read the following license agreement before downloading this software.

Software License Agreement

By installing this software, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

Article 1 Definition
  1. Software means the computer program supplied with this agreement.
  2. Related data means printed text data supplied with this software or printed data which we may supply subsequently.
  3. This software means the software, related data and the copy of this software which we supply to you.
Article 2 Limitations
  1. This software must not be copied against the provisions of this agreement.
  2. This software must not be changed or reverse engineered. Moreover, it must not be transferred, leased or sublicensed to the third party. The status of this agreement must not be transferred, either.
  3. This software must not be transferred, licensed or resold to the third party or transferred, licensed or purchased from it by rental or false rental activity.
  4. This software must not be transferred or licensed to the third party or purchased from it as secondhand goods.
Article 3 Limitation of Warranty
  1. It is not warranted that functions contained in this software suit the intended use of the customer.
  2. This software should be selected and introduced in the customer’s responsibility: any damage in installing this software in the computer’s hard disk and the plotter’s memory is not covered.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any results of the use of this software (including lost earnings or profits).
Article 4 Term of Validity
  1. The term of validity of this agreement starts when the customer installs this software.
  2. When the customer decides to stop using this software, this agreement is automatically terminated.
  3. This agreement is terminated immediately, without our notice, if the customer does not follow any clause of this agreement. If this agreement terminates, the whole of this software must be deleted.
Download MPM3_v2.00.1_Update_Tool.exe(22.01MB)

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