Mimaki Remote Access

Mimaki Remote Access (MRA) enables to check the machine operation status and operate the panel from a distance!

Mimaki Remote Access (MRA) is a remote access tool that enables to obtain information and operate the panel of Mimaki printers and plotters from a remote location.

Work efficiency is improved by eliminating the need to go to the machine's installation site.

The following operations are possible from a smartphone or PC installed with MRA:

  • Checking the status (operating status, ink level, etc.) from a location away from where the printer/plotter is installed
  • Remotely performing printer/plotter operations not normally possible unless in the same location
  • Viewing the usual pager-format panel information as a single screen

Mimaki Remote Access Overview

Application download

Mimaki Remote Access can be downloaded for free from the following stores.

For Windows PC: Microsoft Store

For iPhone: App Store

For Android: Google Play Store

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