RasterLinkPro5 SG [End of sale]

System requirements

OS Windows XP Professional/Home Edition Service Pack 3 or later (32bit)
Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Service Pack 2 or later (32/64bit)
Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate (32/64bit)*1
Windows 8/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
Windows 8.1/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
Windows 11 Home/Pro (64bit)
CPU Intel Core2Duo 1.8GHz or higher *2
Chipset Genuine Intel chipset *2
Memory 2GB or higher
HDD 60GB or higher free disk space (File system: NTFS *3)
Interface USB1.1/2.0*4, Ethernet*5, IEEE1394*6
*1: This software cannot be operated on XP mode in Windows 7.
*2: Use Intel CPU and chipset otherwise an error may occur during printing.
*3: With FAT32 file system, a trouble occurs when using a hot folder from Macintosh.
*4: USB2.0 is used for connecting the printer that has USB2.0 port.
USB1.1 and 2.0 are used for dongle detection.
*5: Used for a license authorization.
*6: Used for connecting the printer that has IEEE1394 port.

Compatible printer
JV33 Series, JV33BS Series, JV34 Series, JV400 Series, JV5 Series, CJV30 Series, CJV30BS Series, UJV-160

Compatible file format
PostScript level 3(PS)/EPS/TIFF/JPEG/BMP/PDF(PDF1.4 or earlier)/MRL

Compatible cutting software
FineCut8, SimpleStudio(Bundled software of CJV)

RasterLinkPro5 SG Catalog (2.51MB)pdf file

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