CG-SRIII Series [End of sale]

Manual Videos

1. Unpacking and Assembly

Unboxing CG-60SRIII Main unit and options

Assembling of optional stand for CG-60SRIII

Mounting of the optional sheet basket for CG-60SRIII

2. From Power Input to Test Drawing

CG-SRIII Series Tool set up, plug-in the machine

CG-SRIII Series Media set and Test cut

3. How to install FineCut

Installation of FineCut for Illustrator
(Windows Version)

Installation of FineCut for Illustrator
(Macintosh Version)

4. FineCut Operation Method

Video explanations FineCut for Illustrator, Part1 (Introduction of various functions of FineCut)

Video expalanations FineCut for Illustrator, Part2 (Introduction of the different functions of the Plot window)

5. How to perform Cutting

CG-SRIII Series Basic cutting method

CG-SRIII Series How to cut data with register marks

6. how to select cutter blade

CG Series Introduction of 6 blade types

Application Videos

CG-SRIII Series Introduction of how to make stickers

CG-SRIII Series Introduction of how to do iron print in T-shirts

CG-SRIII Series How to create a signboard

CG-SRIII Series How to make a window sign

CG-SRIII Series Catalog (1.3MB)pdf file


CG-60SRIII Effective cutting area 606mm (23.8")
CG-100SRIII Effective cutting area 1,070mm (42.1")
CG-130SRIII Effective cutting area 1,370mm (53.9")

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