1. Abundant features that achieve Mimaki quality

DAS (Dot Adjustment System) NEW!

The JV100-160 is equipped with the DAS, a function to automatically adjust the dot position and feeding amount that affect print quality.

When media or printing conditions are changed, an adjustment of ink dot position and media feed amount to suit is necessary.
As the DAS automatically performs these operations, printing can be performed without any labor or variations in adjustments by the operator.

DAS (Dot Adjustment System)

Mimaki technology that enables stable and high-quality print


Generally, swath boundaries are straight lines. Therefore, a slight misalignment between boundaries causes banding or uneven color printing. MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4) reduces banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.

Banding and uneven color printing are reduced by scattering swath boundaries. Beautiful print image is obtained.

Bandings appear on swath boundaries. Print quality is remarkably degraded because banding is recognizable on each boundary.

NCU & NRS automatically detects missing nozzles and performs recovery

NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) detects the status of nozzles automatically. When the NCU detects a missing nozzle, it automatically performs cleaning. If cleaning does not solve the problem, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) automatically replaces the defective nozzles with other nozzles, which enables users to continue the print operations without waiting for a repair by a technician.


2. High productivity

Prints out 180% faster than JV150 *

High productivity supported by high functionality allows for more order processing of short-duration work.
*JV100-160: 20.0m²/h JV150-160: 11.1m²/h (Media: PVC, Y resolution: 720dpi 6P)

Print Speed

Print Speed

3. Stable quality is achieved with eco-solvent ink with an excellent drying property

New CS250 ink with excellent drying properties are used

Stable quality is achieved with eco-solvent ink with an excellent drying property

New ink boasts excellent safety and high quality, which is evaluated by waveform created by a printer manufacturer. One of the features is upgraded drying property.
It evaporates quickly after printing and print-outs dry much faster, which prevents blocking and enables reproducing in detail even images that need a lot of ink.
It is contained in one-liter bottle that allows prolonged operation. it is a green product that abates odor for a better operating environment.

4. New and improved genuine RIP [RasterLink7] is provided as standard

RIP core modified to enable high-speed PDF processing, improving processing speed by 25% on average. Increases productivity.

RasterLink7 | Product information


JV100-160 Catalog (2.07MB)pdf file


JV100-160 Maximum print width: 1,610 mm (63.4")
[Bottle type]

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Sign & Display
  • Window Graphics
  • Banner
  • Poster
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Wallpaper
  • POS Display

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