JV34-260 [End of sale]

Profitable speed increase, new print head technology

Print up to 30 sqm/h, 70% faster than JV33-260

Two newly developed high tech print heads in staggered arrangement achieve a maximum speed of 30 sqm/h. Benefit from a fast return on investment due to increased productivity and a very accessible price.

Unattended continuous printing increases your productivity

Continuous and stable media conveying

Media up to a roll weight of 100 kg is securely controlled. Mimaki's AMF (*1) maintains optimum tension even on long jobs. Smaller media are supported by the standard small take-up device that comes with the printer thus enabling full control of all substrates sizes.
*1 AMF (Automatic Media Feeder)

Continuous ink supply

UISS (Unterrupted Ink supply System)

UISS for continuous printing is standard on JV34-260 machines. The JV34-260 can utilize two cartridges per color in 4-color mode. When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent running out of ink. A maximum of 880cc ink per color can be loaded at one time. With 880cc of ink loaded at one time, a 50m (54yd) roll of media can be printed without interruption. Ink cartridges can be changed during printing.

*UISS only works in 4 color mode

In case of Magenta

A red light is displayed when a cartridge is out of ink and the machine switches automatically to a new cartridge.


High volumes and lower ink costs MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System)

The bulk ink system using ink packs of aluminum achieves as stable and reliable ink ejection as printing solely with cartridges. It is possible to use both 2-liter ink packs in combination with regular 220/440cc cartridges for colors that are not so often used. In-end detection function to prevent misprints without ink is also available.The bulk ink system is an eco-friendly ink system that produces less waste while achieving continuous printing.

* MBIS=Mimaki Bulk Ink System

One printer - different inks

Solvent Ink SS21

Superior adhesion to media and resistance characteristics paired with brilliant color reproduction for high speed printing.
Solvent ink

Dye Sublimation Ink

Suitable for printing on transfer paper for polyester substrates. Its high density results in excellent and outstanding coloration of the final product.
Sublimation ink

* Ink type must be chosen at time of installation.
 Sublimation printing corresponds to printing on transfer paper.

Advanced functionalities that put you ahead
Developed for your needs

Variable dot technology

By producing dots in three different sizes, smooth high resolution graphics are created without a grainy appearance.

3 stage intelligent heater

A triple stage heater -before, during and after printing-improves the performance of ink and enables fast drying for high-speed printing.

Automatic drying fan

In combination with the 3 stage intelligent heater, an automatic drying fan is employed for even more streamlined work. Thus even at high-speeds all media is dried thoroughly so that it can be wound up immediately.

Head height adjustment

Head height can be adjusted to either 2 or 3 mm according to the media thickness. For sublimation printing, head height adjustment of either 3 or 4 mm is available(*4).

*4 Adjustment needs to be carried out by service personnel.

JV34-260 Catalog (689.33KB)pdf file


JV34-260 Maximum print width: 2,632 mm (103.6")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Sign & Display
  • Banner
  • Tapestry
  • Poster
  • Flag
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Wallpaper
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile
  • POS Display


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