Tiger-1800B [End of sale]

1. Exceptional print speed

Tiger-1800B features 16 printheads arranged in two staggered lines (each line has 8 printheads).
It achieves maximum print speeds of up to 385 m2/h (*) in high-speed mode.
* High speed (3 drop size) mode (600 × 600 dpi, 1 pass, Bi) Textile width: 1,850 mm

Configuration of printhead

Tiger-1800B Configuration of printhead

Print speed (Tiger-1800B)

Tiger-1800B Print speed (Textile width: 1,850 mm)

Plotting Method

1 pass mode: High speed printing is possible

In 1 pass mode all printheads are used. One print width is equivalent to two staggers, and printing at high speed is possible.

1 pass mode: High speed printing is possible

1 pass, 2 layers mode: High density printing is possible

In 1 pass, 2 layers mode, rear row stagger of the headprint is used and printing is at the same density as in 1 pass mode. Front row of the headprint prints overlapping on the same place.
It is a 1 pass mode density x 2, which makes possible a high density printing results.

1 pass, 2 layers mode: High density printing is possible

2. Droplet print mode selection suitable for print data

Depending on ink type and printing mode, there are 4 different droplet sizes. Droplet print mode can be choose to match the print data from high speed and standard mode.

[Multiple Droplet Size]

1) High speed (3 droplet size) mode

5pl 7pl 10pl

* Droplet size for reactive dye ink (MLRc500)

Ideal for fine design data such as thin lines and for light colors printing.

2) Standard (4 droplet size) mode

5pl 7pl 10pl 15pl

* Droplet size for reactive dye ink (MLRc500)

Ideal for printing where density is required such as monochromatic colors.

3. Stable and reliable mechanism secures high-speed printing

1) Stable textile transportation mechanism

Textile transport security is achieved by the twin pressure roller shafts attached to the edge of the transportation belt. Textiles are uniformly applied without wrinkling onto the belt through the upper and lower rollers (Fig. 1), assuring stable textile transportation. Furthermore, the wrinkle and jam sensors detect textile wrinkling or creasing early in order to minimize potential damage to the printheads from collisions with raised or jammed textiles.

FIG.1: Textile path diagram

FIG.1: Textile path diagram

2) Degassing module and ink circulation mechanism maintain optimum ink conditions

Air bubbles generated in the ink can lead to missing nozzles because such bubbles act as cushions that decrease ink ejection power. To assure stable ink-jetting, each model of the Pro series has a degassing module that removes bubbles and constantly circulates ink.

Illustration of Degassing module

Illustration of Degassing module

3) Automatic wiper cleaning

Cleaning liquid spray nozzles

Cleaning liquid is automatically applied to each wiper before and after head cleaning. This liquid enhances the cleaning effect during the head-cleaning process, ensuring a clean wiper and reducing daily maintenance time. Furthermore, as each printhead has its own wiper, quick and effective cleaning is enabled while color mixing in the printheads is avoided.

4. Extensive optional units for accommodating various applications

Various optional units are offered to fit a range of production needs

1) Feeding units

Rolled textile feeding unit

This unit is used for feeding rolled textiles and is equipped with a centering system and tension bars.

Rolled textile feeding unit

Jumbo roll feeding unit

This unit is used for feeding large-sized, long-rolled media.

Jumbo roll feeding unit

2) Drying and Take-up units

Large heating unit + Folding arm unit for Tiger-1800B

  • Large heating unit
    This unit can dry special and high density printed fabric.
    It is effective also for wool and the like which is difficult to dry.
    * The standard size heating unit that comes with "Tiger" main unit is not needed when purchasing a large heating unit.

Large heating unit
  • Folding arm unit
    This unit folds and stores printed textiles. It can be used with both standard and large heating units.

Folding arm unit

5. Large-sized ink tank (10 kg) ensures cost-effective print operation

Large-sized ink tank (10 kg)

The bulk ink supply delivers cost-effective printing and enables long-hour printing. Furthermore, the printer monitors the ink level using a laser sensor and displays an alert on the operation panel when the ink level is low.

6. Software

High-performance software RIP "TxLink3 Standard" is bundled.

Tiger-1800B Catalog (1.43MB)pdf file


Tiger-1800B Maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile

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