Color replacement

The TxLink3 can replace the colors used in a range of image data formats, including raster, vector, CMYK, and RGB. The target color is represented by specifying the color and lab values. Color patches on the chart can also be used as the target color.

Changing the color to the target color

This function is useful if the printed color differs from the target color. The color data can be replaced to reproduce the target color.

Changing the color to the target color

Print Similar Colors

This function allows you to find appropriate color values for the target color. A similar color chart can be printed using the“ Print Similar Colors” tool in the“ Swatch Books” and“ Named Colors” dialog boxes.

Similar color chart

Select the most similar color patch and enter color values displayed under the patch.

Similar color chart

Color replacement on raster data broadens the range of colors

Color replacement on raster data broadens the range of colors

Color replacement is critical for textile printing. The TxLink3 offers simple color replacements on raster and vector data as well as the ability to produce different color patterns. Various color replacement functions can represent desired colors.

Workflow of color replacement

Workflow of color replacement

Step and repeat

One large seamless pattern can be created from smaller image data. Furthermore, several shifting and mirroring patterns are provided to add design variation.

Repeat patterns / Mirroring patterns

Multicolor profile creation

A multicolor profile for CMYK and spot colors (blue, red, orange, and other colors) can be created. The profile is created automatically by following the instructions of the wizard. Operators only have to print and measure*1 the color chart.
*1: Before measuring the color, please fix the color by heating. A colorimeter is not a standard feature of TxLink3.

A wide RGB gamut can be represented

Gamut range comparison

Spot color broadens the color gamut range and produces smooth print results.

Multicolor profile creation procedures

Multicolor profile creation procedures

Color combine [Exclusive feature for the professional version]

This function assigns color to each separated image data set*3 and combines them into a single image data set. Colors can be assigned from color values, the swatch book, and measured colors. The stacking order of layers is easily changed.
*3: Image data that is separately created for each color.

Digital textile printing reduces delivery time

Color combine

Image add-ons

Logos, labels, seam and cut lines, texts, eyelets, and other images can be added using TxLink3 without the use of design software.



Company Logo


Seam Extension *4

  • Caption
    Add file name and text under the image
  • Label
    Add texts to the image
  • Company Logo
    Add logo file to the image. Alpha channels in the image (TIFF) are treated as transparent.
  • Eyelets
    Add circles to the edges of the image
  • Seam Extension *4
    Add seam lines with preferred width all around the image. Images outside of lines are mirrored to make the lines unnoticeable.

*4: This function is activated in the standard and professional versions.

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