TS30-1300 [End of sale]

Do It Yourself
-Printing on various items at any time without minimum quantity limitation

TS30-1300 has been developed as an entry model best suited to high-mix low-volume production of apparel prototypes and ordered goods.

The TS30-1300 is a "do-it-yourself" type of printer that allows you to rapidly and easily print necessary things in necessary quantities when they are necessary.



  • Easy-to-operate entry model that can be used at ease
    - Featuring only a selected set of functions, the printer is easy to operate. Even first-time users can use it at ease.
    - Mimaki's cost-effective water-based sublimation transfer ink Sb54 is compatible and it offers high ink jetting stability, enabling beautiful printing.

  • Printing on necessary items in necessary quantities as needed
    - 4-color ink set offers a printing speed of up to 19.6 m2/h*
    * 19.6 m2/h (4-color / Draft mode/ 540×720 dpi / 2 pass)
    - Realizing high-mix, low-volume production or sample creation within your company enables you to present your product to your client quickly.

  • Sublimation transfer printer enhances product presentation ability
    The sublimation transfer technology, which can be used in a range of applications from the creation of customized items to the printing on polyester fabric, broadens the breadth of your business.

  • Debut! Fluorescent color ink!
    Sb54: fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow

Mimaki subimation inkjet printer
Sublimation ink

TS30-1300 Catalog (2.3MB)pdf file


TS30-1300 Maximum print width: 1,361 mm (53.6")

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